At Yegal we’re committed to: Giving you 24/7 access to premium paralegal talent Saving you time in filtering through 100’s of job applications Taking care of all payroll and associated expenses on your behalf Ensuring your legal team only engages workers when you need them For all of this you pay our employee expenses + a 25%…

Our Paralegal Directory lets you filter candidates by at least ten different categories. Paralegals in your region with wide availability tend to appear first by default. You can also filter by University, Academic Performance, Expected Year of Graduation and Prior Experience – among many others!

Our paralegals are highly intelligent young people with a serious desire to put their best forward. Where possible Yegal provides project paralegals with FREE training in your preferred process or software program so they can hit the ground running!

Generally speaking, candidates must: –  be in at least their third year of study (assuming undergraduate status) –  carry a Credit Average (University Weighted Average Mark) –  have been exposed to a legal work environment –  demonstrate basic comprehension and attention to detail skills through testing