Yegal is an on-demand paralegal service. We connect law student paralegals with law firms/in-house legal teams for contract paralegal work. Yegal provides opportunities for students to earn an income and gain real practical experience.

  1. Paralegals admitted to our network build a profile that is listed on our Yegal directory. Each profile lists basic information relating to the Paralegal’s education/work history along with their study timetable for each semester;
  2. Clients can view the directory and request a Paralegal according to their requirements;
  3. When a Client requests a Paralegal, Yegal is notified. We collect information relating to the work type, start date and project duration from the client as part of the “Project Brief;”
  4. The Project Brief is issued to the Paralegal and the Client is sent an email to confirm a start date; 
  5. Yegal will liaise with you to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running on day 1!

Paralegals are paid above market salary for every hour worked. Work hours are collected via our mobile app and paralegals and pay slips are issued fortnightly.

Yegal employs all paralegals casually. You’re effectively hired out to each Client for the duration of each project. We try to match you to jobs that fit around your university commitments. We want you to prioritise your studies.

You tell us when you can work on sign up. Then we get to work, finding you work. Paralegals with wide availability have the best chance of being matched to jobs. If your availability changes you can update your profile accordingly.

Our talent pool is both high quality and diverse. All candidates are subject to pre-screening to ensure a quality outcome for our clients. Our ideal paralegal candidate has a credit average (minimum), some legal experience and wide availability.  Students with one or two days per week availability are not our target market.   

We ensure all our paralegals are matched to jobs that are consistent with their skills and experience. You’ll receive training from Day 1 from the Client and Yegal is there to support you throughout as well.

Around 85% of our clients require that work be carried out at their place of business. Flexible work arrangements are at the discretion of each Yegal client.

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